“When it comes to cultural programming, Robb Woulfe thinks big. Really big.”
— Westword
“Woulfe has pushed the envelope, shaping the [Breckenridge] position into a high-octane mixture of business strategist and circus ringmaster.”
— Summit Daily News
“Woulfe is helping transform Breckenridge into a global creative arts destination.”
— Colorado Expressions
“The Breckenridge International Festival of Arts is, quite simply, the most ambitious visual arts festival in Colorado and, year after year, it puts on one of the best multimedia extravaganzas of summer.”
— The Denver Post
“You have to credit Robb Woulfe of Breckenridge Creative Arts for wanting to bring world-class arts programming to the Colorado mountain town. And judging from events like June’s inaugural WAVE: Light + Water + Sound festival and this week’s second annual Breckenridge International Festival of Arts, he’s succeeded in his mission, inviting artists from around the globe to come to Breckenridge.”
— Westword
“BCA is headed by arts and festival veteran Robb Woulfe who moved to Breckenridge following a long and successful career as the Executive and Artistic Director of the internationally lauded Ann Arbor Summer Festival.”
— MTN Town
“During his time in Breckenridge, Woulfe is credited with leading many ambitious and landscape-changing initiatives, including launching a series of innovative festivals and exhibitions.”
— Summit Daily News
“How Robb Woulfe manages to program and cram so many cultural experiences into ten days in one little mountain town, we’ll never know, but the annual Breckenridge International Festival of Arts just gets bigger and better with age.”
— Westword
“Within three years, [Woulfe] has put Breckenridge Creative Arts on the map, attracting a national and international audience to the 10-day Breckenridge International Festival of Arts and winning the prestigious Colorado Governor’s Award for Outstanding Community Tourism Initiative.”
— Summit Daily News
“The always-affable Robb Woulfe has boundless enthusiasm and passion for the arts.”
— The Ann Arbor News
“[Here’s] how Breckenridge became the country’s artsiest small town.”
— 5280 Magazine
“Rapidly, Breckenridge is attaining the ambitious goal it set for itself — of being a national model for creative tourism development.”
— Confluence Denver
“Robb Woulfe has succeeded in bringing a world-class art event to a mountain town.”
— Westword
“Woulfe’s curatorial mission…allows him space to program adventurous fare, and to pluck interesting offerings from across the globe.”
— The Denver Post
“Robb Woulfe has put together a stunningly impressive array of performers...”
“That “wow” factor is nothing new for BCA president and CEO Robb Woulfe... who most recently spent a decade as artistic director of the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, one of the country’s leading multidisciplinary arts festivals.”
— Colorado Summit Magazine
“Robb Woulfe brings a wide world of art to Breckenridge.”
— Westword